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The Bad Debt Collection Industry  

Bad Debt Recovery Management

Bad debt recovery is a professional job which requires careful supervision and knowledgeable guidance. The ability to recover bad debts calls for a well maintained management. While our debt collectors are working on the field, our administration team is providing backup services to make their bad debt collection smoother. At the same time, we monitor all activities to ensure a legal and fair working attitude. We use a digital conversation recording system designed for bad debt collection to perform detailed analysis of our recorded data. Other advanced apparatus are also utilized to ensure that all debt collection activities are systematic and efficient.

Bad Debts Recovery = Increase in Your Profit

By assigning your bad debts to us for collection, we can help increase your profit each year. The recovery of bad debts is an important issue in the calculation of your profit, because your bad debts are originally part of your earnings. In other words, bad debt collection is an important key to the recovery of profit that originally belongs to you. However, you need a specialized bad debt collection agency like ours to ensure that the recovery of your bad debts is dealt with in an efficient and legal way.

Bad Debt Collection in a Legal and Professional Manner

Perhaps some our rivals in bad debt collection industry might have projected a negative image for the entire industry; we, Associated Credit Management Ltd., are a legitimate and professional bad debt collection agency. Not only do we assure you of the legitimacy of all bad debt collection activities but also the professionalism of our services. We are proud to say that we have planted a positive appeal for the entire industry by properly servicing our satisfied clients.


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